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Benefits of IS-BAO

  • Recognized by EASA CEN as an Industry Code of Practice in 2009
  • Operators can meet EASA Part NCC requirements with IS-BAO Download Brochure
  • Enhance operational safety through predictive and proactive methods
  • Improve safety culture with implementation via teams
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness through an integrated SMS
  • Enhance ability to measure safety performance
  • Increase executive level appreciation of aircraft operations
  • Reduced rates / enhanced support from insurance providers (see USAIG and Global)

Thanks to the contribution of experts from HAI, IHST and EHEST, IS-BAO is compatible for helicopter operations since 2012.

See EHEST Video (Mentions IS-BAO)
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IS-BAO 2015-2 Bulletin

IS-BAO Newsletter 2nd QTR 2015

IS-BAO Stage 3 SMS Performance Indicators

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Our IS-BAO Team:
Sonnie Bates, Program Director
Lawrence Fletcher, Audit Manager
Jason Starke, Operations Manager
Bruce Mayes, Auditor Accreditation Manager

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